ECS Tuning 308MM Disc for Rear Brake System

Posted by martin on 17 November, 2004 17:20 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1446)

310mm disc vs. 230mm disc ( 230->310->230)


DVW VW car show - My New Beetle became demo car over there

Posted by martin on 15 November, 2004 18:22 | Permalink | General | Hits (1388)

:) Yes, it is my New Beetle, and it became a cool demo car in this show. The most famost VW turner DVW asked me to lend my car to them as a demo car. How glad I am to do this. :)


AP Front Brake System 4 Pot Caliper/330mm disc

Posted by martin on 12 November, 2004 17:14 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1515)

330mm disc vs. 288mm disc ( What a small 288mm disc when you put it next to 330mm disc! )


Autotech Intercooler Vent Plate

Posted by martin on 12 November, 2004 01:40 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1325)

I've this installed to make my intercooler cooler. :) It works just like a charm. Pretty cool stuff.


02M 6MT Transmission System

Posted by martin on 10 November, 2004 17:24 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1942)

I just have 02M gearbox installed instead of the factory 4MT gearbox. Due to the problem of the my factory 4MT gearbox, the VW garage allows me to change a new gearbox. So. I said I want to change it to MT system!! :)

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