Some photos of my Golf MKII 8V

Posted by martin on 31 January, 2005 16:20 | Permalink | General | Hits (1060)

Yes. this is my Golf. :) It has GTI look headlight set, small size of 90's bumper set, and classic BBS RS rim.


REVO performance software Installed

Posted by martin on 27 January, 2005 18:22 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1242)

Here are the graphs in revo's website:

Yes, visited REVO taiwan dealer this afternoon having ECU turned. And it is so so so incredible after testing my car.


New look of my rear seat.

Posted by martin on 26 January, 2005 19:01 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1281)

Well, it is actually the rear seat "Turbo S" model, but we have no "Turbo S" model in Taiwan. I just got one from the states and change the color of it and put "Recaro" characters on it. It looks great and much fitter the color of my front seats, Recaro SRIII.


Gonna install revo technik Performance Software

Posted by martin on 26 January, 2005 11:25 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (951)

Eventually, the local dealer is gonna announce this service in Taiwan. And I would be the first beetle installing this ECU turning software. I would go to the dealer place tomorrow afternoon, 2.30PM. Hope everything would just work fine after it turned.

My Golf MKII 1.8L 8V eventually came home

Posted by martin on 24 January, 2005 18:01 | Permalink | General | Hits (1254)

Eventually, I've took my Golf home. :) It looks cool and the rim does fit this brilliant car even it is just an old school one.


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