ATP manifold for GT25/28 flange arrived!

Posted by martin on 31 July, 2005 00:37 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1477)

Well, it arrived eventually..... (More)

Cooler makes the air cooler....:)

Posted by martin on 27 July, 2005 19:41 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1275)

Photo describes itself :) EVOM Intercooler arroived today.It is a complete bolt one kit for MK IV Jetta and Golf. I need to do some custom modification to let it installed on my bug properly.


Break the liar who selling wrong information and non-fit product, the Antenna from Golf V GTI

Posted by martin on 26 July, 2005 10:39 | Permalink | General | Hits (1443)

Well, someone told me that there is a guy who trys to tell members in the New Beetle Club here the antenna from Golf V GTI. The guy trys to convince everyone that this antenna from GTI is better than the stock one on the bug, he even said that there is a signal ampfiler in this GTI antenna. As I know, it is totally bullshit.It is time to break this liar.

As you can see, there is nothing on the surface of the antenna. In fact, there is just only a resistance on it.

Hand made 60φ Gauge House!

Posted by martin on 21 July, 2005 01:44 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1757)

It is yet another D.I.Y. project of 60φ Gauge House, totaly hand made. I think this is the only one 60φ Gauge House for New Beetle. :)

It is in fact based on the stock dashboard covering. I cut part of it and rebuild the new gauge house on it.

I think I need to modify some part of this gauge house to make it looks better. And will paint it into black in few days. Will post the picture right after the final stage done!


When a Porsche 996 meets a bug!

Posted by martin on 21 July, 2005 01:41 | Permalink | General | Hits (1086)

Just saw my friend's Porsch 996 TT parked in front of my bug, I said hello to him and took this picture. :)
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