New Rim Fitting, the one from "Audi TT Quattro Sport"

Posted by martin on 29 September, 2005 10:49 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1910)

This rim is so brilliant; it has polished and bright surface, ET26 offset and 8Jx18 with PCD 5x100. I think you can just install any kind of caliper with this rim.

PS. I don't want to install this rim so far, just put it on and have a look. :)


My bug once again. :)

Posted by martin on 19 September, 2005 11:10 | Permalink | General | Hits (1457)

Yellow MKII photos up to date

Posted by martin on 16 September, 2005 12:25 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (2422)

Photo up to date. :) More parts has been shot. My MKII is gonna be back in few days. :)


Eventually, my MKII is gonna be back, but in different colour!!!

Posted by martin on 15 September, 2005 10:54 | Permalink | General | Hits (1526)

Yes, I have it repainted in yellow colour. And, yes, it is exactly the same as the yellow of Audi S3. :) It would be rebuilded in very short time, then, I will be on it once again. :)

Nice photo

Posted by martin on 08 September, 2005 23:43 | Permalink | General | Hits (1140)






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