News..Tokyo Motor Show: World premiere of the EcoRacer

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Tokyo Motor Show: World premiere of the EcoRacer

The prototype consumes a mere 3.4 liters and has a maximum speed of 230 km/h

source: Volkswagen AG press release


Eventually, the turbo charger is ready....:)

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Yes, my lovely dog is just sit next to the turbocharger I've been waiting for huge long time.

Volkswagne limited purse, free for New Beetle owner in Japan only.

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Yes, purse in New Beetle look!!!

In fact, all of them were sent to the owner who bought New Beetle recently, but I ask one of my friend who lives in Japan get two of them for me in his personal way. :) :) :) :)

I have got one here, will get the second one in very short time.


Right after COOL Porsche Cayenne, the cool spare wheel.

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:) Just check the spare wheel..... Cool! isn't it?

Interesting stuff, Clock with New Beetle Instrument look

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There are also thermometer and hygrometer in it. :)
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