Re-route pipes of the oil cooler

Posted by martin on 22 December, 2005 16:05 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1274)

Well, it is a little bit better than it was. I cut two of pipes a little bit to make them shorter and use two of turned connectors to smooth the curve of pipes. Hopefully, the oil flow would pass this place smoothly than it did.


Assembling parts of my Engine, the 2nd stuff: the Enlarged Manifold

Posted by martin on 17 December, 2005 21:49 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1243)

Ok, eventually I've some free time this weekend. After enlarged the manifold. It is time to get it installed after the turbocharger.

Well, there are still many work I got to do with my Engine. Hopefully I can put everything together and finish the turbocharger upgrading work after the Chinese New Year comes. I will keep my finger crossed for this. :)

Enlarged intake manifold.........

Posted by martin on 13 December, 2005 00:37 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1398)

As you can see in the photo, this enlarged manifold is about 1/3 larger than the stock one, the air flow area. It would be interesting to see how it works after installation. Well, we will see.

PS. the engine under the enlarged manifold is AWP engine from New Beetle Turbo S. :)


Roof rack of my MKII...

Posted by martin on 11 December, 2005 19:21 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1627)

Well, it is THULE 305 for Volkswagen Golf and Jetta MKII. :) Handy and looks great.

BT installed......

Posted by martin on 06 December, 2005 12:21 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1282)

The HKS GT2835 52T now is installed eventually, but the rest stuffs needed have not been made yet. Due to my slowly and lazy behaviour. LOL, I think I still need one month and a half to complete this project. :)






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