Yet another snapshoot of the engine bay

Posted by martin on 28 January, 2006 12:22 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1509)

Got to do some fine tune right after Chinese New Year Holiday. :) Everyone, Happy New Year!! The first period Horse Power test result is right below:

The testing machine is "Bosch LPS002", and the result in text is as below:

Power at the Wheel: 299.7 hp
Losing Power: 31.4 hp
Power at the Engine: 331.1 hp
Environment Temperature: 26 ?
Environment Air Pressure: 1016 millibar
Correction coefficient: 1.007
Power after correction: 333.42 hp

(Note: the maximum boost pressure value is 1.3 kg/cm2 currently, would be set as 1.4 kg/cm2 after the fine tune)

Almost done, BT installed!!!

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Eventually, everything is 99% done. The rest work is test driving and adjusting task.

Wow, what brand of this regulator is?

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What is it????

It is SARD fuel regulator... Is it a interesting way to install it in a 1.8T engine bay? :p

A little trick to install it. If you understand the engine more then you can find many interesting solution to install some interesting stuffs on it without any problem.

Looking in the eye!

Posted by martin on 07 January, 2006 11:09 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1332)

Change the style of intercooler a little bit. The original one covers too mcuh makes the temp of water raises too high. :(

The only way to solve this is just makes the cooler smaller a bit.






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