ATP GT28RS Eliminator Installation notes @ vwvortex.

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If you are looking forward to installing GT28RS bolt-on kit, you would better to read this article:

As much as information you need to know before get it installed.

Visit the wind farm

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It is the northest wind farm in Taiwan. I took my girl friend and our dogs to there this afternoon. You can not only see the wind farm but also the ocean. Lovely weather for sight seeing today. :)


Ok! get golf washed eventually.

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Reviewing the photo I uploaded yesterday, I decided to get my Golf washed ASAP. Eventually I did it this afternoon.

After get it washed, we took our putties out and had a wonderful picnic.



Snapshot of my Golf MKII

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I was parking on a drive and waiting my girlfriend to take some stuff from the store in the next block. It took me about 20 minutes waiting there, so I took a snapshot. :) My MKII is a bit dirty as I've not get it washed for one and a half months. (Ouch, it is such long time that I didn't wash it.) I would better to get it washed tomorrow.

Took some snapshot of my cars today.

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Not so many words to say, have fun with these photos.

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