The latest brand new HKS Electronic valve Controller, a.k.a. EVC, the 5th Generation.

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Just get it installed today. In fact, I was waiting for the Special Edition of the 4nd generation of HKS EVC in black color for a half year. Suddenly the headquarter of HKS in Japan announced the 5th generation few months ago, and I decide just get the latest one instead. :)

Well, in fact, i wait for this one about two months, but anyway less than a half year. LOL


Renault Formula Race Car meets my New Beetle.

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It is the race car of Taiwan's Renault Formula Race driver, Hans Lin. And my car is just parked in front of his race car. :)


20V badge. Only three sets avaliable in this world. :)

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It is exactly for cars with 1.8T engine, the engine with 20 valves.


Autostadt in Wolfsburg

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