Ok, let us talk about 588ps Golf MKIV GTI today.

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As you can see the chart, it is 588ps, and 'Yes', it is a dyno chart of a Golf MKIV GTI and the max boost pressure is around 1.8bar and the turbo is GT2871R.

The ECU was remapped by our own team. Yes, it is a manual and custom designed ECU software made by ourselves. And it is really a very very good result on dyno as you can see. It is, so far, probably the most powerful 1.8T in Taiwan. :)


Rainy Fuji Speedway at Grand Prix weekend.

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Yes, it is a rainy day and everyone there needs umbrella and rain coat. :(


Cleaning and Pulishing work.

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Ok, eventually I have some free time today to do some clean job of engine bay. I cleaned it all and pulished some metal stuff as you can see in the picture. It took me about one and a walf hours to pulish them. The intake manifold, part of head cover and pipes are pulished totally this afternoon. It does look like nice, doesn't it?


Remove unnecessary stuff out of the engine bay and relocate coolers.

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You might have noticed that I've removed N249 and vacuum reservoir. And I relocated the N112 value which controls the EGR valve for the Secondary Air Injection system. It does make the engine bay much cleaner and it would be super easy to check and swap spark plugs.
updated: I removed N112 also. and note, you can replace both N249 and N112 with 30ohm/10w resistors.

And the vacuum reservior is working with N249, once you remove N249 you can actually remove the vacuum reservior. Want to remove N249? Check my post I made more than two years ago. Click here. The first paragraph is exactly telling you how to remove N249.

If you really don't know what N249 is,  then just read document below.

updated: more detailed info and diagram: http://www.mxauto.net/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=239&blogId=1 


E63 AMG vs. New Beetle 1.8T

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E63 looks much better, isn't it? :)


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