Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! :)

Posted by martin on 04 October, 2006 18:30 | Permalink | General | Hits (1267)

It might be the longest holiday of this year. :) So I took a short break to enjoy the life for one day.


Saab Performance Show at Taiwan

Posted by martin on 30 September, 2006 17:46 | Permalink | General | Hits (1226)

What can you see after the show? Tyre tracks. :) :) :)

It is Saab Performance Show, the last time they came to Taiwan is about 11 years before.

There are toooooooo many people in this race track, I almost have no room to take a good position to take some pictures. :(

Official Pink New Beetle. It is 'Volkswagen Beetle Barbie'. :)

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"Only 13 will be built, and they'll be sold through specially-selected VW dealers. "

We've brought you the Mitsubishi's Hello Kitty i, and now, in our never-ending quest to provide complete coverage of all children's-toy-themed automobiles, we present the Mexican-market Volkswagen Beetle Barbie. No battery-operated kiddie toy, mind you, the Beetle Barbie is a bona-fide VW New Beetle, finished in a retina-searing hot pink paint job decorated with strategically-placed Barbie logos. Detail fanatics take note: even the lug nuts are pink.

Inside, the theme continues, with pink accents and inserts finding their way onto the leather seats, door trim, floormats, and steering wheel. Only 13 will be built, and they'll be sold through specially-selected VW dealers. The price? 262,500 Mexican pesos ($24,368 USD / 19.012 ?). No word on whether or not Ken will be seen riding shotgun.



Aluminum sound deadener installation for a blue bug!

Posted by martin on 16 September, 2006 14:02 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1807)

One of my friends made this aluminum sound deadener for VAG A4 Chassis, such as New Beetle, Golf, R32, A3, TT. And the other friend of mine wants to get it installed. So we just installed it today. Drill holes by ourselves. :) Just an easy DIY job.


Three big crossroads I got to visit everyday.

Posted by martin on 15 September, 2006 10:47 | Permalink | General | Hits (1109)

No matter what car I drive, I got to pass these three crossroads.

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