Helping a friend to enable the automatically rear spoiler of his New Beetle 1.6.

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Upgrade Intercooler and Sportec Bumper photo updated

Posted by martin on 08 October, 2007 16:22 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (2181)

I noticed that I have not update the photo of this new bumper and upgraded HKS intercooler yet. Here you go. :)


New bumper installed, but need some tweak still.

Posted by martin on 21 August, 2007 00:15 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1661)

Eventually get it installed. But some necessary metal net has not been installed yet. Will get them installed soon.


Sportec Bumper for New Beetle.

Posted by martin on 14 June, 2007 17:21 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (3305)

I believe it should be the only New Beetle Sportec bumper in Taiwan as there is no official Sportec dealer selling this here. It was made by Sportec Japanese dealer and made of FRP. I bought it from Japan. I will soon get it painted and installed.


20V badge. Only three sets avaliable in this world. :)

Posted by martin on 18 April, 2007 16:29 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (2237)

It is exactly for cars with 1.8T engine, the engine with 20 valves.

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