Rabbit rear roof spoiler is now on the roof of the RED

Posted by martin on 08 March, 2005 14:25 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1175)

I think I don't need to say to much, just enjoy photos. :)


Rabbit rear roof spoiler - RSi style

Posted by martin on 14 February, 2005 12:26 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1259)

This spoiler is cool! isn't it? It is just the same as the one on New Beetle RSi and the one on the car in the Beetle Cup. Well, I bought this spoiler couple months ago, but I've not paint it or install it yet. Because it cannot be installed on my 1.8T car due to the automatical raising roof spoiler would rise this cool thing to hit the roof of car. :( At first, I decide to cut part of it and redesign it to fit the automatical raising roof spoiler of my 1.8T NB. But, I've no time doing this, then it has been almost?forgotten till my girlfriend reminded me that she wants something new for her red New Beetle 1.6. Now, it would be painted in to red and installed on her lovely NB soon.


New Hood in brand new color - Steel Grey Metallic

Posted by martin on 16 January, 2005 02:02 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1501)

Well, I made that all black roof last week, now it is time to change the color of the hood. :)

I painted it as Steel Grey Metallic as the one you can see on New Golf V, now my New Beetle looks quite different. I love the style pretty much.

PS. Who picked the color? Well, my girl friend did it. :)



Posted by martin on 09 January, 2005 21:25 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1222)

I just changed the color of the roof of My New Beetle in to ALL BLACK by myself!. It looks brilliant, I really like the style.


Factory HID headlight set for New Beetle

Posted by martin on 06 November, 2004 18:31 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1468)

It is too expensive to get one, I cannot affort to buy this. NT22,000 for one head light set. How the hell can I buy I, too too tooooooo expensive!!!

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