New look of URL sticker of New Beetle Owner's Club

Posted by martin on 27 October, 2004 17:07 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1449)

I made it by myself, looks better then the old one.


i-magic Eyeblow

Posted by martin on 05 October, 2004 16:36 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1258)

I bought it from Japan and waited it for couple weeks. It looks smart, i really like it.


American version of VW Logo for New Beetle

Posted by martin on 21 September, 2004 16:25 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (2038)

It is different from the one I have, the one on my car is Europen version.


Sun-Flower look rim!!!

Posted by martin on 27 August, 2004 16:28 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1162)

Eventually, I got this rim from Japan. I help Candy, a?ember of NBOC, to get this. We wait for 3 months to get this one. She is happy and exciting to install this one on her car.


Interesting Muffler style!

Posted by martin on 02 June, 2004 15:40 | Permalink | Exterior | Hits (1265)

Interesting Muffler style! I bet most girl would like it!

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