Recaro once again!!!

Posted by martin on 07 May, 2005 03:16 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (2026)

These front seats are exactly for Golf 25AE.

I sold the Recaro SRIII one weeks ago for the entering space reason. SRIII won't jump up as the stock for 3-doors car to make a bigger space for entering the back seats, it just lean down. I usualy needs to put something on the back seats. It did make me in a sad mood selling SRIII out, I sit on the stock leather front seat again in one week time, I was missing my SRIII the whole week. Now, I have these new front seats and I am not so missing SRIII any more (I am just a little missing them)


Metal mats....:) Just have fun with them..

Posted by martin on 03 May, 2005 00:55 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1305)

I ordered this from Germany eBay...... and it looks cool... Not bad having them with those dead pedal.


Bernt 3 Gauge House Installation!

Posted by martin on 11 March, 2005 19:28 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1565)

Yes, I install this new painted gauge house and gauges eventually!!! :)

From left to right: "the one I got" -> "the painted one" -> "the one I installed few minutes ago"


Once again, Bernt 3 Gauge House, and repaint work!

Posted by martin on 10 March, 2005 00:01 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1465)

Well, I bought this gauge house couple months ago. I painted it few once around months ago and just leave it in the garage. Today, I noticed that there is some scratch on it. I decided to repaint it again. Yes, here is the new repaint one and I think I would install it in one week time. And I put this new repaint one in my car to take a picture with the old one. Hmm, new one looks good! :)


Cool Dead Pedal, the factory one in Golf IV GTI 25th edition

Posted by martin on 15 February, 2005 12:23 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (2184)

I'm going to get one and remove the Turbo S one on my car.

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