VW LED flashlight!

Posted by martin on 25 May, 2004 10:51 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1098)

This one is super cool and bright!!! If you don't have one, you would better just go to get one. :)


My non-working gauges :(

Posted by martin on 23 May, 2004 10:39 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1561)

Due to known reasion, the Gauges of my car did work after having lunch in a restaurent of Tong-Kong. But I still can finish the Ken-Ting trip wthout any problem, just because I've one secert weapon! :)

The non-working gauges...I just bought this car one and a half months ago, but, yes the gauges are not working. :(

Just look at the key hole, the key was not there, but meters were in fixed position not in ZERO point.


Factory NAVI system of New Beetle!

Posted by martin on 13 May, 2004 15:36 | Permalink | Interior | Hits (1391)

You can find this over here: http://www.volkswagen.co.jp/cars/accessories/html/NewBeetle/products/NaviETC/product_data/HDD_Navi.html

It is an optional equipment of New Beetle in Japan.

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