Cool stuff! NewSouth Performance PowerGasket

Posted by martin on 23 March, 2005 02:23 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (7536)

I've removed my intake manifold gasket and put this cool stuff in few days ago. Right after installing this new gasket, I can simply feel there is a little bit more power have been unleashed after pressing the accelerator pedal of my bug. I think this gasket just does what it should do. Official announcement of NewShouth Performance: You intake manifold will stay 30-50? cooler and your incoming air will stay 20-30? cooler.


Side Mount Intercooler!? Bigger one

Posted by martin on 17 March, 2005 00:36 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1317)

This cool stuff is designed for 1.8T Golf/Jetta, I've ask the company who made this does this one fit my bug! :)


Which DV/BOV did I pick!? The winner is Forge DV007!

Posted by martin on 06 March, 2005 13:04 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1224)

Well, I just choose this one, and the problem seems gone after installing this DV. Hope there would be no more problem any more!

By the way, I've found the major factor causes "Pressure locking problem": If I don't drive the car before the water temperture reachs the working temperture right after starting the engine everyday morning. I will get this 17705 fault code. Now, all I need to do now is to drive my car slowly from my car park to the drive and drive it gently before it get working temperture, this problem just solved. There must be some problems with my car while it trys to get hotter from COLD mode! Hopefully I cna figure out where the problem is in very short time. I've get the pressure locking problem for two weeks, I would say this problem has been solved awhile.

Dude, Just pick one of DV or BOV for New Beetle

Posted by martin on 27 February, 2005 11:52 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (6672)

Well, yesterday. driving my car on the motorway, the turbo pressure drop suddently without any foretoken. The pressure drop back to around 0.4 Bar, the mode I call it safe mode just like the N75 valve is broken. I pluged the HEX-USB cable in, turned my laptop on and ran the vag-com. Ok, check the engine, working. read the falut code, bingo, the fault code is "17705 - Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check DV!)". I guess it tells me that it is about time to replace my 710N DV which installed on my car.

In fact, I've saved some DV and BOV for a rainy day. lol. Here is the list:


DYNO day! New Beetle Power testing day!

Posted by martin on 18 February, 2005 21:55 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1328)

Well, eventually, it is the day to do Dyno Horsepower Test for my New Beetle! And here is the result:

The testing machine is "Bosch LPS002", and the result in text is as below:

Power at the Wheel: 234.60 hp
Losing Power: 18.36 hp
Power at the Engine: 252.96 hp
Environment Temperature: 16?
Environment Air Pressure: 1018 millibar
Correction coefficient: 0.988
Power after correction: 249.92 hp

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