Oil replacing!!! HKS Super Turbo Racing!

Posted by martin on 18 February, 2005 19:19 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1182)

Now the oil running in the engine of my New Beetle is HKS Super Turbo Racing SL 15W50.

Due to having turbine modification, I got to replace the oil though it is about to change the oil of this engine. This time, I decide to try this HKS oil that I've never used just because the garage which modifying the turbine for said this oil is very good for a engine which bind with turbo system. I told them that "Ok! Just go ahead, do it!" :)


Turbine upgrading?

Posted by martin on 17 February, 2005 12:01 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1185)

Yes, this is turbine in the photo my KKK K03/04 turbine (the input bore is size 4, the output bore is size 3), but this is not the one exact install on my car, because I've installed another KKK k03/04 which I took from the Golf 337 (25th Anniversary edition), the one where my gearbox was installed on). This turbine in the photo is just the factory one, yes, the one which was installed on my car before.


Revo's optional SPS unit

Posted by martin on 16 February, 2005 00:36 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1160)

Regarding the introduction on Revo's web page, it says: "All Revo performance software programs are switchable via the OBD2 port on your car using our SPS device." I just played around my SPS3 today. (Is my SPS3 free or not??? I won't tell you. lol)

Want to know more about SPS3? Check this out: http://www.revotechnik.com/products/sps3.aspx


REVO performance software Installed

Posted by martin on 27 January, 2005 18:22 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1242)

Here are the graphs in revo's website:

Yes, visited REVO taiwan dealer this afternoon having ECU turned. And it is so so so incredible after testing my car.


Gonna install revo technik Performance Software

Posted by martin on 26 January, 2005 11:25 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (951)


Eventually, the local dealer is gonna announce this service in Taiwan. And I would be the first beetle installing this ECU turning software. I would go to the dealer place tomorrow afternoon, 2.30PM. Hope everything would just work fine after it turned.

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