Carbon Fiber gasket / flange for Intake Manifold for VAG 1.8T engine.

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Laser cutting flanges, made of Carbon Fiber. I think it is surely better and cut more heat than what NewSouth Performance PowerGasket, or something like that does.

I only made few of them, if you do need one of it. please feel free to get contact with me via email.

Brand New version of Ignite Rev - It is "Inside Ignite Rev"

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It is a new generation of Ignite Rev, it is now called as "Inside Ignite Rev". You don't need to rebuild the coil with Ignite Rev any more, you just need to use this new Inside Ignite Rev to replace the stock one.



Understanding the N249 Circuit with diagram.

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Have HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 Installed today.

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Easy task, just have it installed in my garage. :) 


And here are some comparesion picture with Apexi Tubro Timer 


Brand New, the new generation of HKS Turbo Timer [Type 1]

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Yes, it is just released HKS NEW Turbo Timer - Model Type 1, and I bought two of them(model type 1)  as one is for my friend's turbo sports car. :) 


It has identical look as the brand new HKS EVC boost controller as I have installed in my car. I think it fits my car better than the apexi turbo timer which I have it installed long time ago.

You can see the video to show how it works here: 

Then, let us see the detailed spec of it:

This new generation of HKS Turbo Timer - Model Type 1 has many impressive feature, includes

13 Selectable timer countdown settings:
 a. Manual Mode 1: User selected countdown between 0-10min 
 b. Manual Mode 2: User selected countdown between 0-10min 
 c. Auto Mode: Automatic setting between 0-5min operation depending on driving conditions. By monitoring engine RPM, idle countdown time is automatically determined according to operating conditions of the engine.

2Speed. Speed Peak Hold Display with Warning Function.

3Engine RPM. Engine RPM Peak Hold Display with Warning Function
 + Shift up indicator
 + Redline indicator

4Quarter Mile Timer / Acceleration interval calculation Function
 + Auto start, Manual Start Selection Function
 + Unit of measure: in km/h
    0-100m, 0-200m, 0-400m, 200-400m, 
    0-100km/h, 0-150km/h, 0-200km/h, 50-100km/h, 100-150km/h

5Stopwatch, Lap Time Measurement Function
 + Time intervals and lap times can be measured.

6Batterty Voltage, Battery Voltage Peak Hold Display with Warning Function
    These functions alert the user that the battery is losing its charge and helps the user prevent downtime from a dead battery

7Large LCD Display Panel
    Backlight: White LED
    During Timer Countdown: Blinks White 

Then, let us see the detailed sepc over the box of this new turbo timer:



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