Snapshot of the Engine bay..

Posted by martin on 03 August, 2006 18:33 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1379)

Just found this picture shot few months before.

Get MBC installed and DONE!!! Got to do diode mod. - [Part 4]

Posted by martin on 23 July, 2006 18:31 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (4109)

Well, today is a lovely day, isn't it? It is about time to get this mod done, and eventually we got Manual Boost Controller (a.k.a. MBC) today.


Installation on the Bug! Got to do diode mod. - [Part 3]

Posted by martin on 22 July, 2006 15:59 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1675)

Ok, get it installed on the bug of my friend. :)

Here is just a simple write up:


What is Diode mode? Got to do diode mod. - [Part 2]

Posted by martin on 20 July, 2006 01:04 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (5654)

What is diode mod? Well, it is a simple way, in fact, to change the return value of the boost pressure checking sensor on the intercooler to fool the ECU that this car is not over boost. So, the zener diode is just the main character to do this work. Get a zener diode install can just cut the over voltage and only allow pre-defined voltage passed. Here is a simple testing of this diode with USB Oscilloscope.


Want to get more boost pressure without getting a limp trouble? Got to do diode mod. - [Part 1]

Posted by martin on 17 July, 2006 15:52 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (7814)

Zener Diode mod is most cheap and easy way to bypass the ECU restriction of boost pressure checking. If you use either Manual Boost Controller (MBC) or Electronic Boost Controller without chipping the ECU, the ECU would throw your car into a so call limp mode when your steady boost is over the pre-defied value in the ECU. The boost pressure would be restricted at around 0.3-0.4Bar, and you have no chance to make more boost untill you restart the engine. How to just increast a little bit boost to make your engine gain some horse power without throwing into a limp trouble? Well, diode mod is the answer of it.

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