New rims, REAL one from Porsche Turbo!!

Posted by martin on 23 March, 2005 18:29 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1807)

It is real Porsche product, 7.5Jx18 ET50 (it became ET30 after I instlled H&R 5x130 to 5x100 20mm adaptor with it). I chosed this rim just because the old one I have is with 8.5J width, and (made by MILLE MIGLIA) it is not so comfortable for me while running on non-flat ground with 225/40/18 tire! 8.5J is a little bit too wide fitting with 225/40/18 tire IMO. :( Now, this 7.5J rim works great!


Neuspeed Rear Anti-Sway Bar (28mm)

Posted by martin on 06 January, 2005 00:56 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1317)

I installed this today, but I have no time to test how it works. When I get free time, I will try to do zag turn to feel does it work great or not. Hope it just works great as Neuspeed says. :)


ECS Tuning 308MM Disc for Rear Brake System

Posted by martin on 17 November, 2004 17:20 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1446)

310mm disc vs. 230mm disc ( 230->310->230)


AP Front Brake System 4 Pot Caliper/330mm disc

Posted by martin on 12 November, 2004 17:14 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1515)

330mm disc vs. 288mm disc ( What a small 288mm disc when you put it next to 330mm disc! )


Blistein B16 PSS-9 in New Beetle

Posted by martin on 02 November, 2004 17:08 | Permalink | Suspension | Hits (1363)

Rear-Left one

I installed this set couple days ago, it is hi-low kit, means you can adjust it higher or lower any time as you want. And you can also adjust the comfort variable to let you feel more racing or comfortable. Pretty nice but a little bit expensive

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