Cleaning the MAF!

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It is about time to clean the MAF. Most people don't understand how to clean it. If you want to know how to do it by yourself, here is a useful post teach you how to do this:

And I just copy the post to here:

What do you need:

1 Gallon sized Ziploc bag
1 Can of Denatured alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol (available at any Lowes or Home Depot by the paint thinner)
1 Dirty MAF
2 Hands

Be very careful not to get any of the alcohol on your skin or in your eyes and always perform in a well ventilated area.

1. Take the large Ziploc bag and place the MAF sensor in it.
2. Pour enough Isopropyl alcohol or Denatured alcohol into the bag to completely cover the MAF sensor.
3. Gently shake the bag to allow the alcohol to pass through the sensor.

4. Take the MAF sensor out and let the excess alcohol drip off.
5. Set the MAF sensor down on a paper towel to drip/air dry. You may want to use the compressed air spray to blow dry parts such as the connector port.
6. Allow the MAF sensor to dry completely before reinstalling it in the car. This will take between 1-12 hours. Reinstall.

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