EVOMS FMIC installed!!!

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I insisted on reserving for light and OIL cooler installed after installing FMIC and cannot cut any part of the bumper or front spoiler of my bug. This is why I choose FMIC from EVOM, it is just a perfect match for my bug to keep everything I need reserved. I am very happy to see it works fine right now. :)

1. Got to cut the bumper reinforcement to put cooler in the porper position.

2. Locate the cooler in the right height and position.

3. Ok, FMIC is installed so far.

4. Now, it is about time to check the bumper and the fog light. Well, it does look fine. Everything is right in its position as it used to be.

5. Now. it is about time to move the OIL cooler. Just hide it in front of left wheal.

(front view of the moved OIL cooler, see thorough fromthe grill)

Photo update

1. Pipes before installation:

2. An hole for stock sensor

3. Connection area of pipes, those part would be fisten with some sillicon tubes.

4. Front view after installation totally, eventually

5. Right view

6. Right view, a little bit lower

7. Right view, a little higher

8. Close look of stock sensor

Up to date:

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