Monsoon Ampifiler for New Beetle

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It is stock optional Monsoon AMP for Beetle. As far as I know there are only two bugs here in Taiwan have this monsoon system installed. And one of them is my girl friends' red bug, I bougth it from Germany for her and had it installed. And the other is Turbo S which was imported for the States and the siliver Turbo S is an used car, not a brand new bug.

Now, I bought this AMP and speakers from ebay using very very low price once again. Will have it installed in my bug soon. :)

What is the difference between monsoon and none-monsoon system?

Monsoon System:

Component overview:

1 - Amplifier
2 - Radio Monsoon
3 - CD player
A - Domed treble loudspeaker in inner plenum chamber cover
B - Bass loudspeaker in inner plenum chamber cover
C - Domed treble loudspeaker in A-pillar trim
D - Bass loudspeaker, front and rear in side panel trim

The radio system consists of the receiver/tape unit supplemented by a separate high power amplifier mounted in the luggage compartment.

High power handling speakers specifically designed for the "Monsoon" system are located in the front and rear doors as with "Premium V".

A CD changer is available as optional equipment.

None-Monsoon system:

Then you see what different they are.

As you can see in the last photo, there is one more grid on the dashboard covering. Yes, there are two high-tone speaker under this grid. This is why there are 10 speakers in monsoon system on a bug. :) (PS. this photo was taken from the red bug of my girlfriend.)

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