Make a stock like 'switch' for some electronic equipment

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How to make a switch as stock one? It is pretty easy if you just take the switch for 'Rear Window Heater'. Then you can make something like this:

I want to use this new switch to turn one of my electronic products on, it looks great as stock one, isn't it. :)

Here is how I made this:

The stock one, we have to pull the swith for "Rear Window Heater" out.

Ok, push it out now.

Here is what this switch look like, we have to pull the cap of this switch out.

Ok, we pull the cap out now, we have to remove the original paint as we are going to paint a new icon on it.

Using - screwdriver to scratch the stock paint.

Ok, here is what I've done.

Pull the blank cap out and insert this modified switch in. :) Looks nice isn't it? :)

I did paint work then. I painted MX on the cap.

Then plcae this cap on the switch and insert it back.

FYI, there are 6 contact in the back of this swith but in fact there are only 4 useful.

Here is the list of them.
1. Interior Light +
2. GND
5. 12V +
6. Target

Once you press the switch on, the 5 would be linked to 6.

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