Ok, let us talk about 588ps Golf MKIV GTI today.

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As you can see the chart, it is 588ps, and 'Yes', it is a dyno chart of a Golf MKIV GTI and the max boost pressure is around 1.8bar and the turbo is GT2871R.

The ECU was remapped by our own team. Yes, it is a manual and custom designed ECU software made by ourselves. And it is really a very very good result on dyno as you can see. It is, so far, probably the most powerful 1.8T in Taiwan. :)

The screenshot of the dynamometer monitor, it is WHP and it shows around 520whp as max.
PS. It is sorry that so far only have this dyno screenshot took by my crappy mobile phone. :(

The GTI tied on dyno. And you can see the owner of the car is right in the photo and he was looking forward to seeing the real result of dyno.

The GTI tied on dyno and it is ready to go now.


Run baby! Run!!!


Snapshot of the engine bay. 

Yet another shoot. 

Ah. forget to mention the torque, it reachs around 65kg. :)

BTW, these hardware of this GTI and my bug are almost the same, the same displacment (piston bore size, stroke and crankshaft), same tail wastegate, same fuel pump and even the size of the turbo is almost the same. No doubt that my bug can generate equal horsepower especially my Bug is equipped much newer ECU system. Looks like it is about time to do ECU tuning for my bug to see what the limit of this Turbo Beetle is. I guess it is not hard for my bug to reach 600bhp.


:) It is me in the photo to do online adjusting and EPROM burning as you can see my laptop and EPROM programmer in the photo. All of us are very exciting to see such nice result.

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