Have you ever checked the IAT sensor?

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Ok, What is IAT sensor? It is Intake Air temperature Sensor.  It would get dirty once you get some mileage. Here is a normal IAT sensor after around 10,000 KM mileage.

And why IAT sensor is so important? Well, the ECU use the measurement of the IAT sensor to determent the fuel to be injected into engine since air temperature effects air density. (colder air is much more dense). Once your IAT sensor got wrong signal, then your ECU won't calculate the right fuel injection, in such condition your car would lost some horse power and it would cost your more on buying gas.



Ok, up-side-down and a snapshot

I used to get it clean around 10,000KM, just use the way I clean the MAF.


Someone would ask where the IAT sensor is?  Here you are:


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