Samco Silicone VAG 1.8T AWP Intake Hose

Posted by martin on 24 April, 2005 23:28 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (4482)

In ECS website, it says: "This hose replaces the existing hose and metal turbo intake combination and has a reinforced wall and super smooth internal design to ensure that laminar flow rates are maximised. With the original restrictions removed better flow characteristics are achieved which give noticeable gains in power and torque. You will need to plug the extra port if not needed."

Would like to install this by yourself??? Check this excellent DIY instruction made by Lam in

Now, there are more and more Samco silicone hoses in the engine room. :)

PS. AWP one fits on my AWU engine without any problem. It just works fine as the stock one. :)

Compare two hoses, stock one vs. Samco one:

Full view of Samco Silicone Intake Hose:

Bug's engine room:

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