T.M. Works Ignite REV Installed!!!

Posted by martin on 26 April, 2005 22:50 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (1980)

Yes, I've got this installed on my bug today.

After some road tests I did (around 60km or so), I can felt the unleashed power runs under the wheel. And the usage of petrol is getting well, it helps engine burns the petrol more efficient.

My bug get more 8.5hp in N/A mode, N/A? Is my bug not a turbo bug!? Well, just read the full story then you will know.

Here is the full story about the installation:

I'm the first 1.8T owner who wants to install this in Taiwan and the dealer would like to know how it works on 1.8T, so we went to a garage which has the most powerful horse power measuring machine: DynaPack 2000. Before installing this on coils we got to setup the DynaPack system and do the 1st stage test to measure the initial horse power without installing Ignite Rev. But we have a problem right after we setup the horse power machine and did some few tests with 4th gear. No matter how we tested, the horse power curves cannot be stable each time we tested, the boost value won't stay at the same value. The highest boost is 1.5Bar, it is stable, but the stable boost value is not existed. :( Maybe the horsepower machine, maybe the N75 problem, maybe the 4 gear problem and other problem else. I guess I have to install a boost manual controller without using stock one for this kind of test :(.

After a small discussion, I suggested garage guys to disconnect the N75 valve to let the stock ECU locking the boost value. After disconnecting this N75 valve, the boost value is locked right at 0.3Bar; then, we got a stable horsepower curves each time we tested. As you see, the horsepower we got here is under super low boost mode, more like N/A engine. Hopefull, we can start the test after removing N75.

Before installing this Ignite Rev product, the horsepower measured is 133.5hp, and after we got Ignite Rev installed, it became 140.2hp, the gained value is 6.7hp. Due to the measuring way of DynaPack is different from the DynoJet system, if we want to convert the value from DynaPack to DynoJet; we got to multiply the value by 1.25. So, in DynoJet system, the initial horsepower is 166.875hp, after is 173.375, it increases 8.5hp. All tests are under super low boost: 0.3bar.

Is it a good product?
I would say, YES, it is. Under such bad condition, I got 8.5hp increased; I bet I can get more when the boost value back to normal mode, it should get 10-15hp increased even more.

Note, The N75 is the VW/Audi part identification number for the wastegate by-pass regulator valve. This valve is responsible for controlling the movement of the pneumatic actuator which drives the wastegate.

The horsepower curve:

By the way, I have made my bug a Dyno two months ago and it ran around 252hp engine power with 3th gear, maybe the computer manage system of bug won't allow us making a DynaPack test with 4th geat??? Anyway, the test is done and we have proved this stuff is not a bad product; beside I've no chance to run 3th gear test again with DynaPack system.

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