Time to do it. Electronic Boost Controller Installed

Posted by martin on 22 May, 2005 00:59 | Permalink | Engine | Hits (7289)

I bought a Blitz Solenoid Boost Controller (a.k.a. Blitz SBC) today and installed it by myself.

Well, it is a quite easy job to install this. Just follow some rules below.
1. Bypass stock N249.
2. Bypass sotck N75.
3. Get D.V. connected from the manifold directly.
4. Don't remove electronic connector from N249 and N75. We need to let ECU thinks both of them are fine.

Here are some photos I took from my engine bay:

Step 1. Get N249 bypassed. disconnected two tubes from N249 and use a short tube to connect to two pins which N249 used to connect to DV and the intake pipe after turbocharger.

Step 2. Get N75 bypassed, just get a short tube and make a circle of N75. The two tube behind N75 with red arrows are two tube used to connection to N75. Now we got to connect them to S.B.C motor.

Step 3. Yes, connect to the tube mentioned in Step 2 to S.B.C motor:

Step 4. Connect a vacom tube from maniford to D.V. becase we have disconnected the one from N249:

Step 5. Connect S.B.C. Motor to S.B.C Controller in the car:

Ok. Done:

And. the beast in the cage, Yes. too much hosepower it has, better to be locked in the cage :) :) :) :

Here are the full diagrams:



Have fun with it. :)

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